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BrtThe goal of Ticketquiz is to generate and give away prizes and goodies to our community for free. It is quite simple: We support our favourite brands by viewing and sharing their qualitative video content within a nice web and mobile game and generate awareness, traffic and revenue to so enable goodies and prizes for our community that will be played out via a transparent point-system (in progress) within the game. My role? Designing a fun, open and transparent game while making sure that each winner gets her or his prize in the end or in between of the game.

  • Bart, Founder of Ticketquiz
  • A Good Will Person I guess
  • Product Design Master Student

Ticketquiz is in slow but constant development. Please be patient. Also a big thanks to all Brands and People featured here on site. You are amazing – each one of you. In case you think that we harm your person or brand, I ask for a message free of charge. I remove the content imediately from the game.

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